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Day Sixty-Three

May 21st. One thing I have been really thinking about is my Mental Health. A big part of that is having fun….so when my Music Teacher asked us to sing a song from Grease (it would have been our production!), I had some fun with it 😉 Take it away Rizzo…..

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Day Sixty-One

May 19th. We are going back to school! We got a very long letter from the Headmaster, Mr Goulbourn all about how our school will be reopening for the younger years, and form 6. We all sat down over dinner and talked about it. I am a little worried about going back, but the letter…

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Day Fifty-Four

May 12th. For my English today, we had to write a presentation on Shakespeare and present it in an unusual way. I dressed up like one of my teachers and videoed presenting it. Here on YouTube. It was very funny (and educational!!).

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Day Fifty-Three

May 11th. So Boris Johnson announced last night that some of us would be going back to school on 1st June. It would be me (Form 6) plus the littlies (Reception and Form 1). My mummy and daddy sat me down to ask me if I wanted to go back. I didn’t know. Yes I do…

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Day Fifty-Two

May 10th. I can’t believe it has been 52 two days since lockdown. If someone had said to me even just a few months ago that we would be made to stay at home for this amount of time I would have thought it was a joke. But it’s been no joke.  On our daily…

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Day Thirty-Three

April 21st. Back to school. It was really normal. Everyone was still filled with tales of what they had done over the holidays, the boys were still annoying! I should have been going back to school today having just got back from two and a half weeks in America, half with my cousins in Chicago,…

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Day Twenty-Five

April 13th.  I sat and videoed a few more stories today for Ava Reads, and read through all the comments from my younger friends. Thank you. Some of you asked what I was like when I was KG/Reception age. So I asked my Daddy to find some pictures. I hope you like them! I also…

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Day Fifteen

April 3rd. Today was the last day of ‘school’ before the Easter holiday. We usually end the Lent Term with an Easter Egg hunt as well as the celebration for the end of the School Production; instead we finished the term by signing off our computers, not sure if the new term would see us…

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Day Fourteen

April 2nd. Today I wanted to make just a little difference. I realised that every Friday I usually read to the younger children at my school. I missed it. So I recorded my reading a Little Miss book on my phone and got my Daddy to send it out to some of the parents of…

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Day Thirteen

April 1st. April Fools Day. Wouldn’t it be nice if this thing was just one big prank? We usually love April Fools Day in our house, my Daddy and I trying to out trick each other. But today, nothing would seem unbelievable after Covid-19. It still doesn’t feel real to me, or to anyone really.…

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Day Twelve

March 31st. Today would have been the opening night of my school production, Grease. We auditioned and were cast back in early February and had been rehearsing ever since. This would have been the highlight of my year.  I was playing Rizzo, it was my dream part as I could put some real life and swagger into…

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Day Eleven

March 30th. Week two of our online schooling. It actually gave me some comfort to have a familiar routine and be with a familiar group of people. It’s funny, even though we are only together ‘virtually’, it is like being in the class. The funny ones are still funny. The naughty ones, are still naughty.…

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Day Eight

March 27th It’s been a week since we finished school. Our first week of home-school. Our first week of isolation. Our first week of really understanding how serious this is becoming. It’s also been my first week of doing Joe Wicks PE-workout. My first week of going out everyday with my daddy cycling. My first…

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Day Seven

March 26th. Today was very similar to yesterday. Our new normal. It felt even more normal. At least it was still sunny. You could see it helped everyone’s mood and mental health, especially when we were doing our ‘one a day exercise’, everyone actually looked happy and said hello. So nice. Even nicer, my daddy…

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Day Six

March 25th. This is the new normal. Don’t go outside unless it’s absolutely necessary….or for your ‘one a day’ exercise. It’s already a bit like Groundhog Day. Wake up. Look at the news. Eat breakfast. Take vitamins. Log on ready for school. Do School. Finish School. Do my daily exercise. Eat Dinner. Talk about our…

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Day Five

March 24th. My first day of full Lockdown. Everywhere was so quiet. It didn’t really change what we did, my family hasn’t really been going out since school got cancelled last Friday, but it feels different. I did my school lessons and my Daddy worked. It really helped that it was warm and sunny, so…

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Day Four

March 23rd. Today was my first day of online school. We have a full day timetable, with morning break and lunchtime (but no School Dinner, which may be a good thing 😉 ) It was very strange and quite good fun, I was with my class, chatting with them, and the teacher, but whilst sat…

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Day Three

March 22nd. Today was Mother’s Day, although it didn’t feel like it. We usually see my grandparents, but at the last minute decided we couldn’t as they are in their 80s. We were stuck inside the house for most of the day, with just a short walk with the dog to get some fresh air,…

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Day Two

21st March. I am feeling a little bit better today, better than yesterday anyway. We went to the supermarket with my daddy to get some food for my Mummy’s parents; they’re 83 years old and shouldn’t be going out. We arrived at M&S; the car park was almost full! The shop had only been open for…

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Day One

20th March. Today was my last day at school before the Covid-19 break but it shouldn’t be. We should still have two weeks before the Easter holiday. Instead we are off school, with almost no notice. I still don’t believe it. Even worse, it could be the last day of the academic year, which means it…

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