Day Two

21st March.

I am feeling a little bit better today, better than yesterday anyway.

We went to the supermarket with my daddy to get some food for my Mummy’s parents; they’re 83 years old and shouldn’t be going out.

We arrived at M&S; the car park was almost full! The shop had only been open for 5 minutes! As soon as we entered the shop, there were 100s of people milling around, desperate to grab whatever was on the shelves.

My Daddy made sure we kept our distance. I couldn’t understand why he told me to wait in quieter areas with our basket whilst he went and got things. But it made sense after we left.

I looked at all the people around. Mostly still smiling and being nice. It made me smile seeing that in this time of worry.

I also got on with my French homework and a project for school. It’s not easy to concentrate thinking about what is happening to our lives.

I had lunch with my best friend, by FaceTime, this cheered me up a bit. She lives down South, so I don’t see her very often. I also went out for a walk into our town with my dad. It was very strange. Everywhere was closed and the streets were bare. Even our local Starbucks had a sign on the door to say that it has been closed. I don’t know why, but just that made it seem like if they closed, everything probably would.

I’m now sat here thinking about the next few days, and weeks, and maybe months. It feels funny, so much uncertainty. I usually have quite a fixed routine, and I will have with schoolwork (I have live lessons, 9.15am until 3pm), but everything else is just, nothing.

I am lucky that my family is very close. My Daddy cooked a roast dinner for us, and we sat and talked about everything. It made me feel better. I know I’m in a safe home which some people are not. We talked about feelings, it felt like 5mins, but it was over an hour (or one and a half bottles of wine in parent speak).

I still don’t know what will happen tomorrow, never mind next month. What is this virus doing to my town, my life, my childhood, me? It does feel like I’m in a movie.


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