Day Four

March 23rd.

Today was my first day of online school. We have a full day timetable, with morning break and lunchtime (but no School Dinner, which may be a good thing 😉 )

It was very strange and quite good fun, I was with my class, chatting with them, and the teacher, but whilst sat at my desk, in my bedroom. We had registration, then straight into Maths. All of a sudden, the novelty wore off!

It really wasn’t as bad as I thought! I could still see that my friends were online and ‘there’ and my teachers were active and answering all our questions, just like in a normal school day.

After school, we went to take some for shopping to my Grandparents and for my Daddy to set up their router and the Alexa and iPad we got them so they can listen to music and FaceTime us while they can’t go out. They are 83 years old and already isolating. It was awful. They were hiding behind the kitchen door like scared old people, not even able to come close, never mind give me a hug. It so sad to see what this virus is doing to vulnerable people.

We ended the day listen to the Prime Minister. We are all now on formal Lockdown.

I laid in bed talking to my Daddy about what it meant. We can’t go out except for food and exercise. I’m a little bit scared. First the virus and now being forced to stay in the house.

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