Day Fourteen

April 2nd.

Today I wanted to make just a little difference. I realised that every Friday I usually read to the younger children at my school. I missed it. So I recorded my reading a Little Miss book on my phone and got my Daddy to send it out to some of the parents of the little kids. It has over 150 views by the end of the day. I even got some videos back from the younger children thanking me.

I enjoyed it so much I recorded more and will keep recording more as long as I have books suitable to read for Under 6s.

I’ve set up a page on this website, you can see it above, or click the same link here: Ava Reads

Coronavirus Diary

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Gary Chaplin. Executive HeadHunter

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  1. Hello Ava,

    I have known your Daddy for quite a long time and he has helped me many times.

    I very much enjoyed reading your diaries – it isn’t a lot of fun being in lockdown, but it will be worth it in the end.

    Keep writing!


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