Ava Reads

Most Fridays at school, I read to pupils in the younger years.

I miss doing that now we are on lockdown; so I’ve recorded some stories. Please feel free to share them; and give me any requests (If I have the book!)

Are you sitting comfortably?

Ava reads Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Party

Ava reads Little Miss Sunshine
Ava reads Little Miss Helpful
Ava reads The Hungry Caterpillar
Ava reads Each Peach Pear Plum
Ava reads Aliens Love Underpants (Thank you Elsa & Aggie)
Ava reads Princess Smartypants
Ava reads Monkey Puzzle
Ava reads Beauty and the Beast
Ava reads The Gruffalo
Ava reads What The Ladybird Heard
Ava reads The Monkey With The Bright Blue Bottom
Ava reads Giraffes Can’t Dance
Ava reads Peter Rabbit – Lily’s Party Time
Ava reads Oi Frog
Ava reads How to Catch a Star
Ava reads Little Miss Princess
Ava reads We Are Best Friends
Ava reads Hairy McLary
Ava reads Good Little Wolf
Ava reads The Cow That Laid An Egg
Ava Reads Mme Princesse – en Francais (sorry about the slow reading and pronunciation)
Ava reads Stop Telling Fibs
Ava reads A Squash and a Squeeze
Ava reads My Pet Star
Ava reads We’re Going On A Bear Hunt
Ava reads – BedTime Story LIVE – 3rd May
Ava reads – Bedtime Story LIVE – 10th May
Ava SINGS! – Riversong
Ava reads Live – Cocoa the Bean – 17th May (with competition to win Chocolate AND a signed copy of the book!!)
Ava Reads Bedtime Story – 31st May…with Oli The Choc chocolate prizes
Ava Reads Bedtime Story – 7th June. Ten Friendly Fish & Plunge into the Pirate Pool
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