Day Thirteen

April 1st.

April Fools Day. Wouldn’t it be nice if this thing was just one big prank? We usually love April Fools Day in our house, my Daddy and I trying to out trick each other. But today, nothing would seem unbelievable after Covid-19. It still doesn’t feel real to me, or to anyone really.

We saw more distance queuing outside Waitrose on our bike ride. We rode down the main road in Alderley Edge, always usually busy with parked cars, and loads more trying to park, but today no parked cars. No cars anywhere apart from Waitrose car park. All the shops closed. All the bars and restaurants in darkness with the same sign on the door “Covid-19 – Closed until further notice. No stock or cash left on the premises”. It was like a scene from a Zombie movie. My Daddy and I just stared at it, it was just unreal. Nothing moving at all in view.

Oh, but I did manage to prank my Dad, told him his MacBook has crashed as I started my home-school timetable this morning. He fell for it. I win this year 😉

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