Day Five

March 24th.

My first day of full Lockdown. Everywhere was so quiet. It didn’t really change what we did, my family hasn’t really been going out since school got cancelled last Friday, but it feels different.

I did my school lessons and my Daddy worked. It really helped that it was warm and sunny, so I was able to go into the garden and facetime my friends. Sunshine makes everything feel better.

After school I sat back in the sun in our garden and read my book. I’m now reading the Diary of Anne Frank again; it seems very relevant and puts everything I am going through into perspective.

It did make me think. I was sat in warm sunshine, everything seemed so peaceful and perfect, but we are all in the middle of a world crisis. It didn’t make sense. It doesn’t make sense.

I also went out and did my one bit of exercise; a bike ride with my Daddy. We cycled 10km. It was strange to see more people walking, running and cycling than driving. And everyone seemed to be friendly, lots of people saying hello (from a safe distance!) It made the world feel better, not worse.

For the first time since last Friday, I laid in bed happy. Which is strange as with the lockdown, today should have been the worst?

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