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Day Twenty-Three

April 11th.  On my one a day exercise today, my daddy and I went to collect some reading books from my friends Alice and Charlotte to read on my Ava Reads section. It was so nice to see them, they made me laugh so much! They are so funny, and so cute! It made me realise, I love…

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Day Twenty

April 8th. I spent this morning recording new stories for my Ava Reads page. I’d run out of books, but my friends Elsa (4) and Aggie (2) have lent me some, so I could record another four today. I really enjoy recording them, and really enjoy getting the comments back from the ‘Littlies’ that watch…

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Day Fourteen

April 2nd. Today I wanted to make just a little difference. I realised that every Friday I usually read to the younger children at my school. I missed it. So I recorded my reading a Little Miss book on my phone and got my Daddy to send it out to some of the parents of…

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