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Day Sixty-Three

May 21st. One thing I have been really thinking about is my Mental Health. A big part of that is having fun….so when my Music Teacher asked us to sing a song from Grease (it would have been our production!), I had some fun with it 😉 Take it away Rizzo…..

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Day Sixty-Two

May 20th. Today is Thank A Teacher Day. I made a video. When I talk to my friends about their schools, primary and senior, I realise how amazing my teachers have been. I don’t know any other school children that feel as cared for and have live lessons like we do. All my teachers are…

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Day Sixty-One

May 19th. We are going back to school! We got a very long letter from the Headmaster, Mr Goulbourn all about how our school will be reopening for the younger years, and form 6. We all sat down over dinner and talked about it. I am a little worried about going back, but the letter…

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Day Sixty

May 18th. Sixty days of lockdown. I have been reading my earliest lockdown journal entries. It still doesn’t seem real. I remember how I felt then. I was scared, and very sad. I remember thinking it might be three weeks, and now we are 60 days. I don’t feel as scared anymore, it feel quite…

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Day Fifty-Nine

May 17th. Today on my live stream bedtime story we did something very special, our friend Oli the Choc (Oli Dunn – from Oliver’s Chocolate Parties) gave me a copy of his dad’s book ‘Cocoa the Bean’  to read out, AND we set a competition to win a real life Cocoa the Bean (a Chocolate Egg…

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Day Fifty-Eight

May 16th. For the last few weeks, weekends haven’t felt very special. I’ve still been at home, still doing bits of schoolwork. I got to have a bit of a lie-in, but it didn’t feel much different, so it didn’t feel like I had much of a rest. Today was a bit like that. I…

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Day Fifty-Five

May 13th. I did two FaceTime calls today with younger childrenfrom school. Firstly my friends Charlotte and Alice (they are 3 and 5). I read to them, and then Alice read to me! It was SO CUTE! Then I did the same with my friend Lily Rose, she’s 6. She read to me too, she…

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Day Fifty-Four

May 12th. For my English today, we had to write a presentation on Shakespeare and present it in an unusual way. I dressed up like one of my teachers and videoed presenting it. Here on YouTube. It was very funny (and educational!!).

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Day Fifty-Three

May 11th. So Boris Johnson announced last night that some of us would be going back to school on 1st June. It would be me (Form 6) plus the littlies (Reception and Form 1). My mummy and daddy sat me down to ask me if I wanted to go back. I didn’t know. Yes I do…

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Day Fifty-Two

May 10th. I can’t believe it has been 52 two days since lockdown. If someone had said to me even just a few months ago that we would be made to stay at home for this amount of time I would have thought it was a joke. But it’s been no joke.  On our daily…

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Day Fifty-One

Saturday 9th May It was my boyfriend’s mum’s birthday today! She is turning 21 😉 (she wishes).  We walked round to her house to drop off her present while we walked our dog and we walked into her socially distanced party! We stayed for a few minutes, the adults and children were having lots of fun!…

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Day Fifty

Friday 8th May! VE day!!! 75 years ago, The Second World War ended in Europe, everyone celebrated! Britain won, but the celebrations were that the war was over. The TV has been full of images of thousands and thousands of people celebrating all over the country in 1945. It already looks strange too see massive groups…

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Day Forty-Nine

Thursday 7th May   I had another Facetime call today after school. I spoke to my friend, Phoebe, she’s in year 1, very confident, and so cute. I read to her and she read to me!! It was lovely, and her little brother Hugo joined us to read too. We also went on a bike ride around…

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Day Forty-Eight

Wednesday 6th May. Today was another sunny and fun day. After school I read to Seb from year 1 at school, and then FaceTimed my friends, Aggie (2) and Elsa (4) to read them a few stories and chat along with our mummies. We had lots and lots of fun! (and the Mummies had lots of…

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Day Forty-Seven

Tuesday 5th May Today was another day at ‘school’. I had my piano lesson (by video) and my singing lesson (also by video) as usual. I cannot believe it is our 7th week of lockdown!! I can’t say it’s been the best, but it has gone fast, and I fee OK. It now feels normal. The weather…

Ava & Rapha

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Day Forty-Five

May 3rd. I did another Live Stream Bedtime Story this evening. It was SO much fun. You can find it on my Ava Reads page, or watch a replay of it here: If you want to watch live next week, let me know and we’ll send you the link to the Live Stream! It is nerve-wracking being…

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Day Forty-Four

May 2nd. We watched Karate Kid! We had an 80’s movie night and watched Karate Kid from 1984, nearly forty years old! It’s about a young boy that has his world turned upside down by moving from New Jersey to California, and it really unsettles him. But he fights back, and overcomes the problems his…

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Day Forty-Three

May 1st. Today we had a visit from Batman, Spiderman and……another superhero I didn’t know! OK, it was really my friend Oli the Choc and his friends, walking the streets to entertain people during lockdown, and raising money. My daddy donated some money, and I’ve put £5 from my piggy bank to his total too.…

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Day Forty-Two

April 30th. A couple of weeks ago I dropped in some brownie ingredients, and a protein bar to our friend Holly. This morning I woke up to a massive gift from her; loads of really cool gifts! Water bottle, notebook, chocolates, pen, oat bars, and a really nice letter from her. It really made my…

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Day Forty-One

April 29th. Inspired by my Ava Reads series, today my whole class got given a ‘buddy’ from Reception to Video Call to read a story to and have a conversation, like we do some days when we are in school. I got to hang out with my friend Shepard (and his brother Otis). It was so nice…

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Day Forty

April 28th. Forty Days of lockdown! We all sat and talked about it. It’s actually been mostly OK. School has been OK, it hasn’t felt like we’ve been stopped from going out because the weather has been OK so we’ve been out in the garden, and out on our bikes, I’ve been able to talk…

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Day Thirty-Nine

April 27th. After school today I FaceTimed my friend. It’s so nice to be able to have happy  conversations with my friend, but this one was after she messaged to say she was sad and fed up of Lockdown. We spent an hour and a half on the video call, we laughed and we cried. I’ve…

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Day Thirty-Eight

April 26th. Today is the day of the 2.6 challenge. People are doing challenges from today until next weekend in support of Charities using 2 and 6 as a factor. My Daddy cycled the Alderley Edge Wizard climb 26 times!! I can’t even cycle it once. He did it all in just over 3 hours.…

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Day Thirty-Seven

April 25th. I had a lazy day! I got a lot of my Egypt project written, talking about the River Nile and it’s impact on the Ancient Egyptians. My Daddy and I sat and watched some episodes of a TV programme all about the Nile, it is really fascinating. I would love to visit, and…

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Day Thirty-Six

April 24th. The end of another home-school week. It all feels very normal and I’m really getting used to it. The familiar routine I am back in is very comforting. I loved my school holiday, but it is nice to get back to a routine, even though with school starting at 9.15am, I am missing…

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Day Thirty-Five

April 23rd. Today is St George’s Day, the English patron saint. I didn’t really know much about it, but I looked him up on Google. There were lots of stories but the famous one about him fighting and beating the Dragon seems appropriate at the moment. I guess we are all fighting the Dragon at…

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Day Thirty-Three

April 21st. Back to school. It was really normal. Everyone was still filled with tales of what they had done over the holidays, the boys were still annoying! I should have been going back to school today having just got back from two and a half weeks in America, half with my cousins in Chicago,…

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Day Thirty-Two

April 20th. My last day before going back to school, but not at school. It felt less upsetting than usual knowing that I was going to be home-schooling, and home schooling already seems to be quite normal. I’m actually looking forward to going back. We went on our last Daddy-Daughter bike ride of the holiday,…

Daddy Daughter

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Day Thirty-One

April 19th. Today was……eventful. My dad and I went out for a distanced walk with some friends, dressed up! My dad was Bananaman, our friend Jon was dressed a Dinosaur and another friend, Jack was dressed as the Fat Controller from Thomas the Tank Engine! We all walked around Wilmslow to cheer people up. Hundreds…

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Day Thirty

April 18th. The weather was miserable today, grey and showery. It made me see how bad Lockdown could have been! I was stuck inside all day; it was very boring, the day dragged on forever. At least before, we could have fun in the garden and enjoy our ‘one a day’ exercise. It made me…

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