Day Seventeen

April 5th.

It was my Grannie’s birthday today, my Daddy’s Mum.

Of course, we couldn’t see her, but instead my Daddy arranged for a Zoom call with us, them and my family from Chicago. He arranged for a bottle of Champagne to be sent to his parent’s house so we could all toast my Grannie together. It was so much fun. We talked for two hours, and only finished to hear the Queen’s speech. Everyone was talking and laughing like we would if we were actually there together.

I really enjoyed it and I talked to my cousins as well! Today on my one a day exercise I noticed lots of rainbows in people’s windows! I thought it was a heart-warming way to say thank you to the NHS and spread happiness at this time! When I got home, I drew one myself! It’s now stuck proudly on our lounge window!

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