Day Twenty-Two

April 10th. 

Sat in my garden today, thinking about our clapping last night for the NHS. My neighbour has challenged us to see who can clap the loudest next week (my dad has already found a clapping crowd noise to connect to his Bluetooth speaker…!)

It also made me think about the 1,000’s of doctors and nurses rushing around in hospitals helping people, while I sat and relaxed in the garden sun. I looked around, I had colouring pens and LOTS of pebbles in my garden, so I started by doodling on some pebbles, then I had an idea to write messages on these pebbles and say thank you to the NHS and say messages of hope. They now sit proudly on my front garden.

I was also surprised by three of my friends, Olivia, Lexi and Zoe who walked past my house and left some Easter eggs hidden in my front garden. So nice. Thank you girls!! x

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