Day Nine

March 28th.

Our first lockdown weekend. Today, my daddy and I went out for our ‘one a day’ exercise. As we went passed our local Waitrose, there was a queue all the way around the carpark. Same with our butcher. People were wearing masks, and everyone was spread out across the pavement keeping 2 metres apart. Everyone was friendly, but it also felt strange, like everyone had a bit of anxiety.

It is hard to believe that this is really happening and that this will be happening for quite a few weeks/months.

We finished the day on a video call with my Uncle, Auntie and my cousins who live in the Chicago as it was my Auntie’s birthday. They are going through the same thing as we are. The same lockdown rules. We were supposed to be flying to go see them a week today.

I always love talking to my cousins. It made me a little sad that I won’t be seeing them, but it was comforting to see that they are feeling the same as me and that they are ok. No school also means I can FaceTime them more often too.

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