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Day Fifty-Nine

May 17th. Today on my live stream bedtime story we did something very special, our friend Oli the Choc (Oli Dunn – from Oliver’s Chocolate Parties) gave me a copy of his dad’s book ‘Cocoa the Bean’  to read out, AND we set a competition to win a real life Cocoa the Bean (a Chocolate Egg…

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Day Thirty

April 18th. The weather was miserable today, grey and showery. It made me see how bad Lockdown could have been! I was stuck inside all day; it was very boring, the day dragged on forever. At least before, we could have fun in the garden and enjoy our ‘one a day’ exercise. It made me…

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Day Twenty-Nine

April 17th. Today, we collected more Easter Eggs from my friends to give to the NHS. It was amazing seeing how many eggs were being handed to us from our friends! We then went to collect chocolate from Mail Box Etc who acted as a drop-off point for us, they had to put all the…

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Day Twenty-Seven

April 15th.  My plan to give Chocolate Eggs to the NHS has gone really well, and I MADE HEADLINE NEWS – http://www.wilmslow.co.uk/news/article/20217/a-sweet-idea-to-show-your-support-for-the-nhs I messaged lots of my friends and everyone that has any eggs left has brought them round (at a distance!), other people have bought some eggs, we’ve collected some others and more have…

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Day Twenty-Six

April 14th.  I’ve decided to give the rest of my Easter Eggs to the NHS doctors & nurses who are fighting the Coronavirus. My Daddy is an ambassador at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity so has set it up though them to reach the Doctors and Nurses on the frontline. I got the idea from…


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Day Eighteen

April 6th. Today we made Brownies. Definitely an essential food for lockdown/isolation. I’ve put the recipe below, its flour-less and Dairy-Free, but they are the nicest, goo-iest Brownies ever, and really easy to make. It took 10 minutes to make and 30 minutes to bake. They are so good, there is only one small piece…

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