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Day Sixty-Three

May 21st.One thing I have been really thinking about is my Mental Health. A big part of that is having fun….so when my Music Teacher asked us to sing a song from Grease (it would have been our production!), I had some fun with it ;-)Take it away Rizzo…..

Day Sixty-Two

May 20th.Today is Thank A Teacher Day. I made a video.When I talk to my friends about their schools, primary and senior, I realise how amazing my teachers have been. I don’t know any other school children that feel as cared for and have live lessons like we do. All my teachers are always there,…

Day Sixty-One

May 19th. We are going back to school! We got a very long letter from the Headmaster, Mr Goulbourn all about how our school will be reopening for the younger years, and form 6. We all sat down over dinner and talked about it. I am a little worried about going back, but the letter…

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